Aluminum Arm

Oduin Resonator by Balzarini

Italian, ca. 1900, with brass trade label on top of coil "E.Balzarini, Milano." The apparatus is mounted on
it's 19 5/8 x 9 7/8 x 3/4" white marble base with cast brass lion feet. On one end of the base is the 7 3/4' diameter x 21"
mahogany coil form wound with 39 turns of heavy gage copper wire (the inductor in this resonant circuit); next to the coil
is a 20 3/4" brass rod with a variable height pick-off to vary the resonant frequency of the apparatus;
next to the pick-off is a pair of 10" tall Leyden jars connected by copper wires to the spark gap (the capacitors);
at the other end of the base is the brass and glass spark gap holder (excitation source) and a mahogany framed colored glass
filter to observe the spark through. The Oudin resonator is in fine overall condition... $4200