Aluminum Arm

Real Beauchene Baboon Skull
A Beauchene Skull, also known as an exploded skull, is a disarticulated human skull that has been painstakingly
reassembled on a stand with jointed, movable supports that allows for the moving and studying of the skull as a
whole or each piece individually. In the mid-1800s French anatomist Claude Beauchene developed this method to display
the anatomy of the head.Beauchene would meticulously clean a skull, separate its bones, and mount them
on a stand designed to exhibit them at once individually and in context. This is a highly decorative and detailed example.
It's an early Male Baboon skull that has been mounted in the Victorian style with a detailed brass base and fittings.
The fittings include tilts, slides and scissor mounts to move the skull parts.
This item is an anatomical display and medical teaching aid for educational purposes only.
We have been lucky enough to purchase an interesting collection of museum quality displays. These do not come along often.