Rare Antique Mechanical Table
This has to be the most striking antique mechanical table we have ever offered. It's extremely solid and at the same
time has a light and stylish look. This is something you don't often find in most industrial furniture.
The footprint on the 4 legs measure 18"x40" and the tables frame work extends beyond that. A simple rotation of the
large center wheel and the hight can be adjusted from 26" to 33". The mechanism is ingenious and a very elegant design concept...
the table has a look all it's own. The curved cast iron spokes tell me this example dates to the 1800s.
The glass pictured is just to show you how a 4' x 7' top fits this table base. We think the table looks equally well with a glass,
marble or steel top. We ship everywhere and never charge for custom crating.
Height: 26", Height2: 33", Width: 64", Depth: 22"