Important Aseptic Dental Cabinet
This metal and wood step back dental cabinet looks to be from the Aseptic Dental Cabinet, Lee S. Smith Son & Co., Pittsburgh U.S.A.
The unique style of the sculpted top and swing-out trays were this companies signature trademarks.
Most cabinets of this type were all metal. The combination of wood and metal in it's construction makes this a very desirable and early
example for this look. For the seasoned collector it's considered an important transition piece...
between the 1800s oak cabinets and the 20th century steel. There are 12 nickel plated swing out draws with milk glass inserts on the front,
two blind doors below, and two glass doors above. The glass doors have the original early wavy glass still intact.
The cabinet finishes show an aged patina. Height: 65", Width: 31", Depth: 18"