Collection of 4 Fritz Scholder signed Lithographs
These 4 striking black & white lithographs are Fritz Scholder's celebrated "ANPAO - American Indian Odyssey" series.
They are circa 1976-1977 and are hand signed and numbered 29/100. In fact all 4 pieces are numbered "29/100"...
These were all printed in the same series and pulled as a set by the artist. We have had the set in our personal collection
for over 30 years. The set includes "ANPAO/Buffalo", "ANPAO/Death", "ANPAO/Owl" and "ANPAO/Bat".
The prints are an impressive 15"x22.5" (23"x30.5" framed). This is a well known set that illustrated Jamake Highwater's
award winning book "ANPAO - An American Indian Odyssey". Priced as a set of 4.

About Fritz Scholder ... 1937 - 2005
Controversial and prolific, Fritz Scholder embraced paradox. An enrolled member of the Luiseno tribe, he often said he
was not Indian. Scholder’s works were immediately recognized for their insight and powerful commentary on publicly held stereotypes
of Native Americans and propelled Scholder into a position of prominence as an artist. His revolutionary paintings broke away from
stereotypical roles and forever changed the concept of “Indian artist”. Scholder’s constant desire to explore, collect, travel and experience
is undoubtedly the distinguishing feature of both his life and his art. Scholder is best known for his expressionist paintings that are in museum
collections around the world. His style is well known for its distortions, explosive brushwork and vivid colors.